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Rudraksh, Rohingyas and Suzie Roy

June 11, 2018


This post serves as a follow-up to my previous blogpost ( on the Rohingya exodus and the desire for a larger Christian state in the North East Through Rakhine lies the Pathway to the Greater Christian State ). Please review this blogpost to understand the long great game in the North East to create a separate nation […]

Mindgames on #Siachen

May 5, 2012


I’ll make this blog post short and to the point. This is not the time for lofty proclamations and an examination of issues from both sides. For the last 6+ years India has seen a massive build-up of propaganda to influence public opinion to give away crucial Indian territory in J&K. For those who want […]

Four Beheadings and an Apology

August 11, 2011


This is a post that I owe to the soldiers of India (the least I owe) who stand on our frozen northern border braving not just the enemy’s bullet but gruesome torture at the hands of demoniacal entities in the army of occupied western territories of India. The Truth On August 1st, four Indian soldiers […]