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Tips for Non-Muslims living in Muslim Majority Areas

August 11, 2014


ISIS, Kashmir Hindu Exodus, Bangladesh War 1971, Partition were all within the last 100 years and demonstrated that minorities are always on the razors edge in Muslim majority areas. There are many more instances but these will resonate with the reader. On a smaller scale this is continually happening world over. A flash and they […]

Last of the Great Temples – Chidambaram

November 30, 2013


There is a long legal battle between the dikshitars and the Government of Tamil Nadu over administration of the temple. It began with the Government permitting non-Dikshitars to sing Tevaram hymns in the sanctom sanctorum (vimanam) of the Lord, to which the dikshitars objected, claiming exclusive right to worship in the sanctum of Lord Nataraja. […]

Murdered Shamans, Witch Burnings & Indian Traditions

November 5, 2011


This post is meant to show the common thread that exists world over between different instances of destruction of bearers of natural traditions. The present is connected with the past and with what is happening in India currently. The christian movement in the last 1600 years of its existence has struck a death-blow to indigenous […]

Ganga Behti Ho Kyun – Bhupen Hazarika

November 5, 2011


This is one of my favorite songs by Bhupen Hazarika – it combines the call to Ganga through millenia and who better to do it then Bhupen da whose voice encapsulates that of our ancestors and descendents. He evokes Mother Ganga so beautifully. Ganga who is not just a river, infact the river is a […]

The Brown Mans Mask

June 25, 2011


140 characters on twitter are not adequate to express the facts and hypothesis around the current drama raging in India. Rising prices of basic commodities and fuel (at a time where fuel prices worldwide are falling), scam after scam all displaying a corporate-political nexus, a completely biased and bought out media which serves as a […]

Dr. Koenraad Elst on Ayodhya Verdict

October 17, 2010


An excellent interview by @internet_hindus @sshankara and others.

VAac Yoga – Yoga of Sound – Part 2: Representation of AUM

October 11, 2010


Guest post. Multipart series on “VAac Yoga – Samskrita” by Ravindra Koul.  The purpose of this series is to emphasize the importance of learning and comprehending Samskrita as a means to realization.. Continuation from previous post on VAac Yoga Physical representation of the Ganapati: When AUM is rotated by -90 degrees about vertical axis and […]