I am a very ordinary person in this extraordinary world. My experience of this existence is defined by Bharat.

My dharma is under an assault it has never seen in the last 1000 years. So many forces with money and resources are on a quest to extinguish it. But if Dharma goes then this planet will not survive either. I make this assertion that the Bharatiya Dharmas are the finest and only system surviving on this planet (native American and African traditions are gone) that can enable Human beings to live sustainably with nature and accelerate Human evolution.

In essence, this site is about Bharat (of which India is a part). It is about the sustenance of Bharat, forces for it and inimical to it, the history, the context and the future. I hope to put in my own perspective to the extent possible but there are many articles I will likely summarize and refer to.
I hope you enjoy this and please comment if you have a perspective.


Folks, I have been receiving a lot of hits on this blog. Thank you very much. However, the objective of this blog was to generate discussion around some of the topics covered. Do leave comments behind, particularly if you have a point of view on the subject.

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  1. piyush bakshi

    August 19, 2010

    we need more like you, keep the flame burning. together we WILL make a difference and snuff out pseudo-secularism and corruption from this country.

    Jai Hind

    piyush bakshi

  2. Great analysis.

    One word of caution though,when we connect dots we might end up making a comma as a dot or assuming that one big force is driving the sequence of events.

    Its more a collection of people and organisations with a common interest in perpetuating the existing systems.

    Keep writing..

    Blog : http://esotericrambling.blogspotc.com
    Email : justesoteric@rediffmail.com

  3. Great effort. Please keep it up.


  4. friend

    April 3, 2012


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