Rudraksh, Rohingyas and Suzie Roy

Posted on June 11, 2018


This post serves as a follow-up to my previous blogpost ( on the Rohingya exodus and the desire for a larger Christian state in the North East Through Rakhine lies the Pathway to the Greater Christian State ). Please review this blogpost to understand the long great game in the North East to create a separate nation state.

Everyone got their feathers ruffled recently when Priyanka Chopra acted in an episode of the failed show Quantico – the episode showed that a purported Islamic terrorist attack turned out to be a Hindu nationalist plot to attack the west and frame Islam and this was revealed through the rudraksh worn by the perpetrator.

One can understand why people are frothing about this given that Hindus have been victims for 600+ years and here theyare portrayed as perps against those who victimized them – this is no different from:

  1. Portraying the Jews as plotting a terrorist attack in the guise of Nazis,
  2. Portraying the Yazidis as planning a terrorist attack in the guise of Jihadis,
  3. You get the drift..

But the real significance of this episode is that it puts a spotlight on at least two potential areas of threat to India, like a preliminary warning system of sorts.

  • Leveraging a famous Indian actress as a voice to alter perception of India & champion issues inimical to India – at a micro level through the episode (but it’s too insignificant) and at a macro level following the trajectory of issues she has been seen favoring thus far.
  • Building a narrative of Hindu terrorism as a whole – a potential foreboding of an attack that will be used to tarnish Indic’s as terrorists since it comes on heels of the racket the Christians are drumming about Hindu nationalism as they see their efforts somewhat limited with the current government. It is almost a blackmailing strategy and a warning. All the Abrahamic brothers could be involved with that.

People are talking about the producer/ director and writers in the show who I believe are Islamic (and probably part of the Brotherhood) but frankly in the larger scheme of things, this does not matter. After all, for all appearances Priyanka Chopra also purports to be a Hindu.

Either way, we should be glad that this has all come out in the open and for the rest of this post, one would like to focus on the actress in question.

I believe, based upon several points of evidence, that Priyanka Chopra has been recruited obviously or inadvertently in the Suzie Roy (better known as Arundhati Roy) model of employment by interest groups who wish to achieve specific geopolitical goals in India. Perhaps there is a trade-off between benefits (shows, fame, movies, awards profile) and what she needs to do to gain those OR perhaps there are ideological moorings driving this behavior.

Suzie Roy has done significant perception damage to India. She spews vitriol about the Indian republic and Hinduism at every juncture, writes books supporting secession of every group, supports Naxals and Maoists and has influenced Indians and the western artist cabal with her views. In addition, she has acted as a conduit and influencer with several anti-national groups in India (hobnobbing with “Gandhians with guns”). Her hatred of Indics is very blatant and communicated evocatively given her artistic skills. She scatters a bunch of other issues into her writing to appear anti-establishment, pro-environment and therefore gives some cred to her poisonous rhetoric – a sweetener of sorts.

She zoomed into prominence after being awarded the 1997 Man Booker prize for her somewhat pornographic “God of small things”. The book is OK but it is NO “100 years of solitude”, “The grapes of wrath”, or anything deserving of such an award. It has the usual “drain inspector/ slum dog formula – the caste angle, evil patriarchy, regressive India and such. The book made her a millionaire, in addition to the property she inherited from her dad who she was not particularly close to during his life. Her dad who she barely knew was a Bengali Hindu while her mother is a Malayali Christian. She is a Christian.

The point, is that before this book, she had no great books to her name and wrote a few screenplays. She was hired at age 36-37 to become a poisonous vehicle for breaking India forces, who were the ones who likely orchestrated her rise and promotion. Since that one award and her anti India ways, she has won many awards for her rants and in 2014 was rated as 100 most influential people in the world.

The reason I talk about her trajectory is because it is very important in the context of understanding the profile building exercise around Priyanka Chopra. Given her popularity Priyanka Chopra can be 100X more dangerous than Arundhati Roy. Firstly, she will do whatever her handlers tell her and secondly, she can get her message into the homes of the aam aadmi across the globe unlike Suzie Roy whose reach is limited though in no way diminished.

I strongly believe, based on the evidence thus far that Priyanka Chopra is being groomed for objectives inimical to India and to target perception of India with western audiences. With regards to the issue at hand, I believe it related to North East India though she could be used to speak for anything. So far, she has demonstrated willingness to demonize her country of origin.

Profile Building

Indians have been following Priyanka Chopra’s western moves with great passion so documenting each step is not necessary. Some examples being –

  • Why Priyanka Chopra? Why not Frieda Pinto, Mindy Kaling etc etc ? Why Priyanka for an FBI show with an Indian face, Indian accent, home in India etc? There are great Indian American actresses who could have done the show which is very mediocre and low profile in any case. She did a two-bit role in Baywatch as well. As to the argument of Indian markets, her actions thus far do not demonstrate that.
  • Why did Priyanka Chopra get a show with a Muslim brotherhood/sisterhood producer?
  • Despite her mediocre show – why is she featured in every talk show in the various channels and with the highest ranking talk show hosts?
  • Why does she have dibs on all the fashion events such as the Met Gala? She is a virtual unknown.
  • Why was she invited to Prince Harry’s wedding? Do you really buy that Megan Markle is her best friend? If you believe that, I have got something that will grow money trees for you.
  • Why is this woman a UN goodwill ambassador – who visits Syria, Rohingya’s and you name it. She visited the holocaust museum too amongst many of her other jigs.
  • She has been promoted as a singer – her voice is not extraordinary.
  • Why is she on so many high-profile US talk shows?
  • She has been aggressively promoted in the company of political bigwigs like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton
  • Google for more..

There is a massive profile building exercise going on around Priyanka Chopra and this woman is simply not that organically well connected to accomplish that. This is a contrived exercise to increase her profile with western audiences and give her a huge voice. This is not happening naturally as an outcome of her “talent” of any sort. The profile building is not just limited to the entertainment industry but this female is being portrayed as some sort of Human Rights diva on all issues. Please notice that she has not paid any attention to Indic issues such as the genocide of the Kashmiri Hindus, occupation of Tibet (though you might see her picture with the Dalai lama sometime), condition of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus.

Such profile building happens when they want to give that person a big voice and given the trajectory, I am afraid the voice is not for India but against.

There is nothing great about Priyanka Chopra in terms of looks, talent, intellect or charisma to warrant this profile building. It is the use she can be put too which is of great value.

Actions speak louder than words

Aside from the Quantico episode, some of her actions in the last few years have been a buildup/ downright suspicious –

  • Most recently, visiting and speaking for the Rohingya’s and taking a position that is contradictory to the position of Indian nationalists and now the government of India. Who else are they talking too when they talk Rohingya refugees? They are speaking to India, which is where the refugees are flowing into either directly or via Bangladesh. She is taking the globalist position where they are looking to fracture Myanmar (please see my other post on the Christian State planned in the region Through Rakhine lies the Pathway to the Greater Christian State) by creating this refugee crisis and allowing one Abrahamic group to create chaos and demographic changes in heathen countries. Do you see how they are using her?
  • In 2017, she made a statement about “Insurgency in Sikkim” at the Toronto film festival, which was trolled as idiotic but people don’t realize that it was a deliberate statement, a buildup statement of sorts to paint the North East as a disturbed area with insurgency and she used a film about a peaceful state to make that point. It was a point that had to be made. Please note that the Chan state relates to the North East as well. Remember she produced a film about kid refugees in Sikkim. The whole buzz is about portraying the North East and related countries as disturbed areas and herself as a mouthpiece.
  • She did a movie about “Mary Kom” again related to the North East in 2014. Within a year or so after she got her big breaks in the west.
  • She accidently bumped into Prime Minister Modi during his Germany visit and got some good photographs for her western audiences (contrived accident). Again, cred building for this person.
  • She is the brand ambassador for “Assam”. This is the most frightening of all because it puts this person directly in touch with the corridors of power in a sensitive state like Assam. In the last almost two years she has been brand ambassador, she has made trips from US to Assam to meet people, engage with them and get to know different parties. I am quite sure she is interacting with student leaders, getting names and becoming a liaison of sorts. Recently a couple of folks from Assam got high profile “Initiative” awards in the US. The names and profiles of these people suggest future vehicles of propaganda. Basically, she is building a strong network within the region.
  • She has made very derogatory statements about Indian film industry, Indian culture and India since she has gone over. She is slowly but surely speaking the language of atrocity literature and following her handlers.
  • Google for more..

Why her, why this, why that?

Now as to why this person is being built up as a Malala sort of character / much more dangerous in fact, is likely to do with the North-East region where the powers that be are trying to build a #projectsixhands type of movement, akin to what is happening in the southern part of India where a separate southern identity is sought to be constructed to serve as a cover for a desired Christian state. Tamil Nadu is a hotbed for the activities surrounding this.

In the North East, the same exercise is being attempted to cull out the Indic identity of the states that connect them to the rest of Bharat and make it a distinct identity. The awardees of recent western awards belong to a religion classically considered outsider in Assam. So, you see the formula, just like you have a bunch of such folks jumping on to the Tamil identity bandwagon while espousing completely Abrahamic values, here too the voices of Assam are those that are Abrahamic and being groomed to spread vitriol. The Indic identity is being sublimated. Do not expect a single person with any Indic identification (there are North East Christians with strong Indic identity) to get a single such award. Do you see what is happening – a Muslim face for Assam.

Priyanka Chopra is a part of this exercise. Knowingly or inadvertently she is being worked towards a goal and that goal is North East India. She is just one of the elements but a crucial one.

I consider it very dangerous that she has had a good 2 years to be brand ambassador of Assam, hobnob with the politicians, meet the local student leaders, engage with people and become their representative. I am sure you can see how this goes.

This does not bode well and speaks poorly of our establishment that they are not able to gauge the risk this posits to our republic. It also speaks to political patronage that Priyanka Chopra has built from all sides of the establishment – the Padma Shri under UPA and now this. In this specific case, I believe that the Bollywood struck wife of the Chief Minister of a certain western state of India, might have brought this actress into the corridors of power in the North East and perhaps recommended her as brand ambassador. The timing coincides with the New York Fashion week showstopper event and multiple such interactions. I am not suggesting that the recommendation was made by design but this wife is a “useful idiot” of sorts.

As to who are the groups behind this rise and rise of Priyanka Chopra, it is the same groups behind the Kashmiri separatist movement. It is likely the Globalist lobby and how this interacts with the Christian State in Myanmar/ North East and elsewhere might seem contradictory to the heathens but please understand that different groups work in tandem when it comes to extracting resources and destroying heathen civilization. Indian territory, resources, inventions and discoveries are all up for grabs by the Abrahamics. We are fair game for all of them. They will share the loot. The study of the interaction of the Mercantiles with the Church and Brotherhood has to be clearly defined, but it is clear that they are working in tandem.

With regards to the question of why Priyanka Chopra, these kinds of questions never have a clear answer because one can never know the heart of a person. For instance, why Arundhati Roy – one can only conjecture that her Abrahamic faith has something to do with this, but by the same token there are enough of those professing Indic dharmas who have taken the same steps to betray civilization. I suspect Priyanka Chopra is being groomed because she is very high profile in India and has the potential to be a cross over star in the west.  Perhaps there are ideological moorings but those are not clear. I am sure they considered alternatives at her level such as say – Kareena Kapoo who professes the Abrahamic faiths, but is not exotic enough by western standards. Additionally, she is married and has a strong stake in India. She is hardly a lone warrior who can be groomed shunted.

So what’s next

From Priyanka Chopras perspective her handlers will make moves to confuse the public i.e., meaningless apologies, a hyper patriotic movie that will make Indians love her again and even politicians and the celebrities speaking up for her. After all, they have invested a lot in her and till the point of ROI which could be as early as later this year/ next year she must sustain. After that, the opinions of the general Indian public may not matter. Hell, they may even give her an Oscar. And then all sorts of narratives will be spun around reprobate Hindu patriarchy suppressing free thinking, bold Indian woman.

From the perspective of protectors and caretakers of this ancient civilization, the first step is divesting her of brand ambassadorship of Assam. Secondly, please track and document and study all her meetings and interactions in the state, who got invites to west, who had direct channels with western think tanks now. You must be aware of the damage done.

For the Indian people, do not accept a single apology, story or film this person acts in however jingoistic and patriotic it might be. Do not fall for random temple visits and Sati Savitri bullshit. Be unforgiving with any Indian actor or filmmaker who engages with this person.

India has many such potential Priyanka Chopra’s. As we read this, many more are being manufactured across different fields and professions and groomed as sleeper agents through a carrot and stick approach – favors exchanged and willingness tested. We must be wary and watchful and unforgiving otherwise our civilization will get destroyed in front of our eyes because of our stupidity. Dharma does not reward stupidity.