Through Rakhine lies the Pathway to the Greater Christian State

Posted on August 28, 2017


The Rohingya conflict in Rakhine and the ensuing refugee exodus arouses conflicted feelings amongst Indians. On the one hand the Rohingya have taken over land belonging to ethnic Rakhine through demographics and love jihad (a la Kashmir and Kerala and all of the other dismembered parts of greater India), whereas on the other hand are brutalized refugees, dying children just like the waves that have reached the Indian shores.

Today the world media is painting a picture of a brutalized people having to escape their native lands or die, quietly brushing away the fact that these people do not originally belong to the Rakhine region and many migrated as late as 1971. That many were settled in the region after the British came in and also sided with the British rule is another point to be aware of. Of course, just as with Kashmir, a narrative is now being built that the Rohingyas are native to the region and likely came in with Arab traders back in the 8th century. This is likely untrue but is the same narrative that the Kashmiri muslims with antecedents elsewhere, peddle.

But the pain is real and the moves are classic – they are being evicted from their homes, killed, their movements represented like an exodus and countries are shutting doors on them. This is a classic 1971 moment (also think the formation of Israel). The world might have to step in and insist on forced resettlement within the Rakhine region since the Islamic countries despite their oil wealth are not really opening their arms to their bretheren (that some have been settled in India is a different topic). The Rohingya are indeed being brutalized and let us not have any doubts about their genuine displacement and potential genocide. This conflict might be by design and also that the western media has focused so much on them and built up a powerful narrative is also by design and with larger objectives in mind. In fact, I will go so far as to say that the entire script is very Christian in nature and straight from the text books of Persecution 101 i.e., most persecuted minority in the world, exodus, suffering et al. The Jihadis are not capable of engineering this language. Again to reiterate, the suffering of the Rohingya people is real at this point in time.

The stage is being set for a Rohingya autonomous region in the Rakhine peninsula. While it will not be a separate nation, it will be a transformational point for all of South East Asia where an autonomous Islamic region will be formed.  Even if the region is not formed, it will set a powerful precedent to destabilize the region on several faultlines.

(Excuse me for simplifying the storyline, because there are several complexities and I just want to get to the point)

About Rakhine & Rohingyas

What sits atop Rakhine?

What is more interesting is that Islam is supposedly 4% of Myanmar population although the mullahs deny it and claim it is much higher. Not all Burmese Muslims are Rohingya but majority of the population is.

However, Christians are the fastest growing population of Myanmar and nearly 6.2% of the population with 3/4 being baptists which is the same as Aung San Su Kyi’s mother and also the same as the groups in North East India (Baptist church is American). This population has had an explosive growth in the last 30 years (parallels India conversions especially in the NE & also parallels Aung San Su Kyi’s growth). More reading about this nefarious character, who was given the Nobel by Norway (same Norway of LTTE fame and all other Protestant movements) will show you how she is the Myanmar Sonia Gandhi with the potent privilege of being born of that country (but more on her below).

What is more alarming is that the density of this population sits atop the Rakhine region and borders India. So the most densely populated Christian regions of Myanmar border the most densely populated Christian regions of India, namely the North Eastern states where the same Christian groups (Baptists and Anglicans and assorteds are using a combination of allurement, militancy and coercion to rapidly convert the tribes). So much so that the Chin region of Myanmar that directly borders India has close to a 90% Christian population and you can look at the map to see where it is.  Chin is not the only region but suffice to say highest growth is in this region and it directly borders India’s North East.

Lest anyone still has doubts about where I am headed, kindly read our favorite USCIRF report on how Christians are persecuted in Myanmar and refer to the regions. It’s the same persecution story but they also refer to a greater Naga Lim state that would encompass a part of India’s North East. The same groups keep cropping up – Baptists, Anglicans et al.

Basically there is a full movement on to create a greater Christian state in the region that would dismember both India and Myanmar and create a greater Christian foothold in SouthEast Asia.

As a preamble over the last 50 years there have been several attempts to create a Christian state in South East Asia. East Timur was a minor success with Tamil Eelam as a failure.  The Buddhists held fast in preventing this in both Vietnam and Cambodia despite suffering devastating losses. That said, they lost spectacularly in China and Korea. India the heathen core has held strong despite repeated attempts to create Christian cores in the country including the North East. The entire Maoist movement in India has a Church backing (of course riding on real grievances). Nepal is in the process of being lost to Churches. The Christians realized that Liberation Theology works best in the region vs brute force (a la Vietnam).

The creation  of an Islamic autonomous region, undermines Myanmar plurality and sets a credible situation to demand a Christian state/ autonomous region that can then drive rapid expansion with Myanmar just as with Korea. The Christians are already crying persecution and these cries will become sharper with the Rakhine autonomous region.

A Christian nation built on the turbulence of separation and bordering Indian states with similar ethnic and religious profiles will be devastating for India. Think Tamil Eelam and although Jingos will blame Rajiv Gandhi, fact is his actions were for India and he lost his life because of it (can’t say same about his spouse). The concentration of missionary activity in NE India and Myanmar is NOT a coincidence. It is by design and likely conceived of, when British departure from the subcontinent became imminent. Christian nations in heathen lands allow the Anglosphere to retain a hold on large swathes of resources and also decimate other heathen states. They have sustained  and grown this based upon Plan A, Plan B, Plan N. Imagine the impact of the Myanmar Christian state fragment on India/ Tibet and the rest of South East Asia. China is mostly lost.

The target is Indic civilization and instead of being the first in the battlefront, they are riding on the Islamists. The Islamists are also happy since they get their piece of land. This is how they operate – you get a piece and I will take the rest.

Who is Aung San?

What can one say about a woman who was born to a Burmese freedom leader (think JLN) whose wife was a devout Baptist Christian (with belief in liberation theology (infact everything you see in Myanmar in last 30-40 years is liberation theology) and the wife pretended to be a nominal Buddhist. What do you think the deracinated youngest daughter of such a union would be?

This daughter called Aung San marries a British English tutor of the Bhutanese Royal Family (Tutors were nothing more than spies & those installed to influence the next in line with religion or ideology – and the whole bunch of the English tutors populated not only India royal families but all the royal families of South East Asia – as a side note the help of the Royal Family of Patiala converted and finished off the entire family). Her British tutor husband was an Oxford professor of Himalayan and Buddhist studies (not very Buddhist himself and think Lawrence of Arabia of South East Asia). Her handler friends and guides were all western/Christian (Mathene Fend!!) and this woman then goes back to Myanmar after a stint in UK (where else), gets house arrested, wins a Nobel for being under house arrest, and pretty much writes the entire scripts of Myanmar Liberation Theology. This woman is as crypto as they come and directly represents the Church although she appears to be nominally Buddhist (like the red threads on Sonia Maino Gandhi’s hands).  She was brought in to change the social, religious structure of the region and to dismantle the heathens. Her kids are names Alexander and Kim and had a very Anglican education.

This woman is just watching while Myanmar burns and actually complicit in engineering the Rohingya exodus and why – because of the larger goal of dismembering the region and building a greater Christian state. The Muslims like Caravan marauders are happy with the piece of land they get in Rakhine.

Project Myanmar and larger project dismembering India is fully on.

What should India do?

I ask the reader, what should India do.