Tips for Non-Muslims living in Muslim Majority Areas

Posted on August 11, 2014


ISIS, Kashmir Hindu Exodus, Bangladesh War 1971, Partition were all within the last 100 years and demonstrated that minorities are always on the razors edge in Muslim majority areas. There are many more instances but these will resonate with the reader. On a smaller scale this is continually happening world over. A flash and they could be subject to gruesome torture, rapes, unimaginable horrors sparing no one, not even children. A refresher would be reading about the 1971 Bangladesh war where hindu men and children were castrated and women kept as sex slaves. Anyway, the purpose of this is not to be macabre but bring to fore a certain awareness that any minority has to have in a muslim majority area. By Muslim majority I mean the ghettos in India as well where Muslims are more than 30-40% of the population. It can just take a rabid mullah one Friday to create streaming crowds of madmen who will set the world on fire.

Communities of non Muslims must adopt these tactics.

1.Keep your ear to the ground to detect pulses

Always be vigilant and not just vigilant of immediate violence but a trend towards violence. Those who smelled the partition violence before 1947 left with something intact. Others who trusted the leaders were destroyed – at best lost property and at worst a lot more. You will sense a trend which could be increasingly rabid people coming out of mosques, louder Azaans, attempts to convert you, more Hijabs and more kids indoctrinated. If you are in a secular country which is not Muslim majority, this has to be reported to elected leaders and other authorities so that these trends can be watched. Do not assume that authorities will track this however well intentioned.

2. Learn self defense and be armed

Everyone in the household must learn self defense and the use of legally acquired firearms and weapons. If a gun can be legally acquired, please do so, practice and learn to use it. Of course, be careful and don’t leave it around for kids to handle etc etc. You must have legally allowed weapons in your home. If you want to have a chance to keep your life, honour, property and sanity please do so.

Additionally, all members of the house should on a continual basis learn self defense. Sometimes you may be overpowered without a weapon in which case you may need that split second that self defense gives to get away or save someone. The women of the household must know self defense.

3. Form local protection groups

An individual can only protect themselves so far. It is important that minority groups form protection groups and regularly meet to exchange observations and ideas. Protection groups are a powerful deterrent. During the partition villages which were armed and united were able to stave off the hordes on occasion. Of course, when the Pakistani armed forces joined the pogrom, there was little that could be done. In countries like India a local protection group/ committee would be incredibly useful. It can hold off violence till other forces come in.

It would be valuable for differnt local protection groups to network with each other so that they can come to each others help.

4. Diversify your investments and resources

Literally do not have all your eggs in one basket. Put your valuables in another location so that you have something if your property gets destroyed.

As an example, don’t keep your gold in such a location if you have property. Keep it in a safe deposit box or elsewhere. Do not lose your life savings.

5. Have a “getaway plan” blueprint

Do not wait for an incident to come up with an escape plan e.g., the Pandit exodus in the 1990’s. Have a plan to quickly get away through safe passages be it a side street or a window or a quiet area and through alternative means of transportation.

Do not wait for the last moment to think practically. At that stage you will be panicked and vulnerable.

6. Use psychological deterrence, but do not show all cards

Mullah hordes are really cowards and bullies who will attack those weak and helpless but not always those from whom they fear just retribution. Project some strength and you will be able to deter a lot of things including love jihad.

Do not, I repeat do not share any plans with your Muslim neighbors however friendly they might be. History is replete with stories of how biggest betrayals happened through these neighbours. During the partition, it was neighbours who had known families for decades turned on them, stole property, raped women and killed the men. The same happened in 1990’s and the same happened with the Yazidis in Iraq. This is a common thread. Do not in the warmth of Bollywood infused friendship reveal your plans.

7. Do not sell your property out of greed

Ghetto’s have power and ghetto’s are formed street by street. Many a times indics get lucrative under the table offers for their property and sell them to ghettoists. That reduces the power of your coreligionists. Do not do that. Stop the ghetto. Remember who fuels a lot of the black market and the fake money circuit. Do not take blood money. It is bad bad karma.

I would ask readers to add any more points. This is a first attempt based on worldwide trends.