The Simple Stuff We can Do

Posted on July 12, 2013


After years of opining on social media, tearing my hair out and castigating US people for tolerating “border incursions”, “geopolitical pincers on India” and other behemoth problems facing India a sudden revelation dawned on me about a year ago. What can the aam admi do with all this information? Most of us are making ends meet and only some of us have the time for this intellectual investigation.
The Bharatiya cares deeply and probably more than any other national in the world but the task of translating these issues into actions that can impact them is so overwhelming that one just gives up especially in face of the adverse situations the aam admi faces.
So I decided that it is better to spend my energy and everyone else’s energy on identifying simple actions and issues that can be solved on a day to day basis but with a tangible cumulative impact on our lives. It is a bit like preventative medicine. Hence I am tweeting #whatcanwedoforindia with some new, some much repeated and perhaps some inane ideas. I would welcome people using this to tweet other ideas that an aam admi can action.

#whatcanwedoforIndia Avoid plastic..nation cannot digest this stuff + health implications, use cloth bags, glass bottles, steel bartans

#whatcanwedoforIndia stay in a joint/ quasi joint family – major resource savings, social capital build, good for kids and societal values

#whatcanwedoforIndia know the law especially pertains 2 day to day. Any atrocity investigate the law, understand ur rights

#whatcanwedoforIndia stand for local elections – municipal, school and college boards etc. If u don’t the vacuum will be filled by rubbish

#whatcanwedoforIndia don’t waste food ever… pack and give to folks outside.. never never throw it away unless it is rotten or contaminated

#whatcanwedoforIndia tutor your maids children once a week instead of watching TV – they need a leg up where possible

#whatcanwedoforIndia turn the taps off and the lights off when not using facilities whether you can afford it or not

#whatcanwedoforIndia Vote for everything – municipal elections, state, national, you name it Vote, vote and vote
#whatcanwedoforIndia Starting this tag for ideas on what we “aam admi” types can do on a day day basis to uplift our country… Simple ideas

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