Mindgames on #Siachen

Posted on May 5, 2012


I’ll make this blog post short and to the point. This is not the time for lofty proclamations and an examination of issues from both sides.

For the last 6+ years India has seen a massive build-up of propaganda to influence public opinion to give away crucial Indian territory in J&K. For those who want evidence you can go back to

–          Track 2 diplomacy that MMS was conducting with Musharraf

–          The tone of the Indian media and rapid swing towards “Aman ki Asha” shortly after 26/11 which was absolutely ridiculous. No one conducted Aman ki Asha after 9/11 in the US.

–          The selection of obviously biased Kashmir interlocutors to provide an opinion and appraisal e.g., Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar, Qureshi

–          All the right noises on the #Siachen glacier

–          Also note, the zero attempt by GOI to recover lost Indian territory in POK and Aksai Chin – and several swings by “running dogs” of the empire to label it as territory belonging to our neighboring gundas

None of the actions are those of a government upto any good.

I would liken the noises on #Siachen as a kite flying mission to assess Indian public opinion on giving away Indian territory. Public opinion has been gathered, will be dissected and examined by western thinktanks to build more powerful opinion and strategy regarding giving away Indian territory in the next round. It cannot be a coincidence that the noises on #Siachen are coming from an entire network in a coordinated manner. A few Pakistani soldiers die in an avalanche and suddenly #Siachen becomes a cause celebre in the international and national circles – wow (Also note the coincidental killing of Shias in POK – please connect the dots towards the end of the write-up).

I would very much like the reader to see the connections between the noisemakers on the #Siachen case both nationally and internationally. Please study the history and background of these institutions and individuals. An examination will reveal a pattern going back many decades. Indians need not counter the arguments laid out by such groups. A person does not have to keep proving that their kidneys are indeed their own. It reduced the persons claim.

Some examples of international noisemakers (I will not bother to include the Pakistani media including BBC & Al Guardian – waiting for them to propose demilitarization of Gilgit, Balochistan et al) -:

The Christian Science Monitor – http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2012/0425/How-a-glacier-could-thaw-dangerous-India-and-Pakistan-freeze

MSNBC – http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2012/0425/How-a-glacier-could-thaw-dangerous-India-and-Pakistan-freeze

Washington Post – http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/india-and-pakistan-remain-frozen-on-glacier-border-dispute/2012/05/02/gIQARHjrwT_story.html

Christiane Amanpour

Various thinktanks (please google)

Some examples of the Indian sepoys and sell-outs trying to influence public opinion (we need a write-up on each to understand their source of funds and influence) -:

Dipankar Banerjee – http://www.eurasiareview.com/26042012-resolving-the-siachen-dispute-analysis/


http://www.aboardthedemocracytrain.com/indo-pak-civilians-renew-calls-to-demilitarize-siachen-glacier (check out the names)

And pretty much the rest of the English Media in India

Some historical factoids to study and consider to really understand the strategic importance of the region to India and why there has been a persistent push by the worldwide network for India to cede territory -:

–          What did India lose by losing POK – study borders and access? Who were the key influencers? Who controlled Pakistani intelligence and defence at that time?

–          What are the minerals and resources (water etc) found in the region?

–          What access and strategic networks does India have even through just #Siachen? PS: India can watch 5 nations – what are they?

–          What is the spiritual and historical significance of the region?

–          Who is the Omar Abdullah family connected to – check their history and antecedents please, especially related to British intelligence?

–          Why was the area cleansed of the natives – Hindus and Buddhists even though prior to independence sum total of the region had a heathen majority?

–          Why have Shias been marginalized in the region?

–          Which governments and individuals within India have advocated giving up Indian territory in the region?

–          What advantage would China gain through Indian demilitarization of #Siachen?

–          What is the connection between demilitarization of #Siachen and NATO withdrawal from Af-Pak?

(I would ask the reader to feel free to add more questions and answer them)

The China +West axis vs. India

The reader should know that in a China vs. India scenario the west will indirectly support China because India is perceived as a huge civilizational threat to the west. India is a threat not because of weapons but because of the power of ideas. Like a greedy leviathan the west wants those ideas but as the same time wants India to go. Starting with the whole Aryan Invasion Theory and Sanskrit is the European effort to the rapid digestion and consumption of Indic thought by the western church (absorption of Vedas, dance, medicine, yoga etc) and systematic attempts to destroy any evidence of the source; we are under a massive cultural attack. Add to that, the greed for India’s location and resources (the various FDI’s are nothing but grand theft larceny) there is an attempt to splinter the nation.

China on the other hand is conquered by the west. It is not a cultural threat. Grabbing Buddhist territories by China is a huge advantage to the west because it allows them to create a non-indic Buddhism.

It would be worthwhile to study the emergence of communism in China, the international forces that funded it, the church that Mao belonged to etc.

To the reader

This write-up is work in progress and I hope it triggered some thoughts. I would greatly appreciate comments, answers and questions that we can then use to enhance it.