Four Beheadings and an Apology

Posted on August 11, 2011


This is a post that I owe to the soldiers of India (the least I owe) who stand on our frozen northern border braving not just the enemy’s bullet but gruesome torture at the hands of demoniacal entities in the army of occupied western territories of India.

The Truth

On August 1st, four Indian soldiers from 20 Kumaon were beheaded by the Pakistan’s Border Area Team which stormed across the line of control (I refuse to say Indian territory because it is all Indian territory). We have heard varied claims from the Indian Government as to how many soldiers died but I prefer to believe people in the defense services and their relatives.

I personally did not see any reports in the media (on TV or print) regarding this incident. Infact, it was phone calls with friends and select tweets that made one aware of this incident. The general media just said that 2-3 soldiers were killed. Below are some of the early sources -:

On night of 1st aug Pak Army Battle Action Group crossed to our side & beheaded 4 of our jawans at coy post during change of guard.

The information starting trickling in and only then did mainstream media start reporting it (around August 6th). The media understated the numbers of soldiers as well as the gruesome torture they underwent. In some cases killed was used in place of beheaded. Additionally, the media substituted the Pakistani defense forces with an amorphous entity “militants”. One had to really look to find mention of this incident in Indian media.

Such was the mutilation that the families of the soldiers were requested not to lift the shrouds covering their bodies. Quoting Army officials, the report identifies the two martyrs as Havildar Jaipal Singh Adhikari and Lance Naik Devender Singh. A third jawan, from 19 Rajput Regiment, was shot dead. His name has not been disclosed.

Now for anyone who is shocked by this inhuman act of our illustrious neighbours sitting on occupied western territories of India, please understand that this is not the first that Kaffirs have been target of these “sociopathic” acts. Even in modern times, post the creation of Pakistan, such acts have been repeated an infinite number of times. This army mutilates their own people – witness what is happening in Pakistan itself, let alone the avowed enemy. Some examples of such occurences in the recent past -:


The entire creation of Bangladesh was driven by the orgy of sociopathic torture and killings that Bengali speaking Pakistanis especially the Hindus were subject to -:

Look at the pictures at your own risk

Listen to the lyrics of this song: the incidents described actually occurred

Did you read about the army officer’s plea
For donor’s blood, it was given willingly
by boys who took a needle in their veins
and from their bodies
every drop of blood was drained
no time to comprehend..
and there was little pain

The Obfuscation

There was insignificant mention of this incident in Indian mainstream media, let alone any expression of outrage. After searching with a microscope one found only one by Kanchan Gupta of The Pioneer.

Instead there was another human interest story suddenly doing rounds across all channels of Indian media and Pakistani media (e,g., The News, BBC). Additionally, there were several mediawallah’s in India talking about the story after predictable silence on the decapitation of Indian soldiers. See some examples below -:

Forty-six years after having shot down an Indian civilian aircraft during the 1965 war, a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) pilot has sent a condolence message to the daughter of the pilot he downed.


It is quite evident that the whole Pakistani Pilot story was a multi-pronged PR effort with twin goals of a) Preventing the Indian soldiers story from taking focus in the world media, and b)Keeping Aman ka Tamasha going.

What is interesting is that select world media also played a role in spreading this story. It might be that some of Pakistan’s deep pocket sponsors in the middle east could have funded this effort with a nod from folks out there who desperately want to keep Aman ka Tamasha going to enable their Af-Pak war. Of course the Pakistani army obliged by taking a slip out of the tiny jar of “Pakistan’s good deeds since independence”

What is utterly mind boggling is the connivance of the Indian establishment , both the political set up and their media. This establishment was perfectly aligned with keeping the story of the Indian soldiers out of public purview and drumming up this apology tale (as an aside it is so easy – kill/rape/pillage and apologize and then kill/rape/pillage again).

Amongst other things, this exposes the intent and allegiance of this government quite blatantly. But then, what does one expect from an establishment that tried to destabilize the ruling party when India was fighting the Kargil war.

All I ask is that if the establishment does not respect the sacrifices of the defense forces, we the people should continue doing so. Let us also expose the nefarious designs of our ruling elite which is sold out and cowardly.

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