The Curious Case of Sonia Gandhi & Sloan-Kettering

Posted on August 7, 2011


As I google all the various articles and write-ups on this subject, I rue the fact that I did not have the foresight to save the informative articles tweeted.

Nevertheless the entire episode of of Sonia Maino-Gandhi’s purported serious surgery (from congress sources) which was supposedly for cervical cancer and which has now mutated into a story (by supposedly congress sources) of benign skin cancer (why would that require a serious surgery is a question that begs to be answered) is mind bogglingly bizarre. Can you imagine these permutations and combinations about say a US president? That country would be up in arms. Nevertheless we should explore all the different versions floating around.

Version 1: Serious surgery for cervical cancer

Sonia diagnosed with cervical cancer

A brief statement put out by the party said Sonia underwent a surgery on August 4 and the surgeon has indicated that the operation has been successful. It, however, did not disclose the reasons that necessitated Sonia to undergo the surgery. Nor did the statement mention the hospital or the country where she underwent the surgery.

AICC spokesperson Janaradhana Dviwedi today made a statement on Sonia’s health condition. Dviwedi told that Sonia Gandhi is completely safe and she needs to rest for 3 weeks according to what the doctors have conveyed to him.

Needless to say, as with everything else related to the Maino Gandhi clan, the country knew nothing of this. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s surgery was literally a public affair done at AIIMs.

But despite all that, surely someone in the nation would have known if this was diagnosed as people are hearing now, atleast a year ago. There has not been a peep from any quarter.

Also, Sonia Maino-Gandhi’s activities prior to the surgery were strange to say the least. Post the June 5th whacking at Ramlilla grounds, she whizzed all over Europe with her son and UPA courtiers the primary destination being Zug in Switzerland. Now Zug is not a center of medical facilities. Google for what it is.

On July 25th she was in Bangladesh accepting an award on behalf of Indira Gandhi (as an aside, during the Bangladesh war she, hubby and kids absconded to safety in Italy).

One must commend her on keeping her form despite being a cervical cancer patient for some time. As per Dean Nelson, she has been receiving treatment for 8 months (this is news to India). Looks pretty good in picture above.

Her family and clan are supposed to be with her. Who is footing the bill is another question altogether.

Version 2: Hanging around in NYC, Waiting for Treatment

Post the news about her surgery, came the tweets from Subramaniun Swamy as below -:

CNN-IBN has a pulled a fast one on the Indian public. Sonia has not been operated yet. Dr. Nori is vacationing in Europe. She and –next

40 others mostly foreigners living a huge posh apartment in NYC. Her first test in hospital on Tuesday.

Dr. Nori no more with Sloan-K but with another hospital, but could be loaned to Sloan-K for this operation. He has been contacted by them

Sonia’s entourage is paying $ 40 000 a day for expenses for staying in two floors of plush Manhattan apartment.Lawyers and bankers arriving.

Indian Consulate told to stay away totally from Sonia. Some foreign security in charge!!

Dr. Swamy is in the US presently and is one person who usually has access to really good sources. So we are pretty much halfway there.

Then to take us all the way there came this bombshell-:

India’s Gandhi family has pulled off something most powerful American political dynasties can’t (or don’t) do. The Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre does not have Sonia Gandhi’s name in the hospitalised patient data system. At this point she is a ghost!

Members of the Indian Overseas Congress trickled into the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to get news about the Congress leader and glimpse her children Rahul and Priyanka and son-in-law Robert Vadra. The wait has proved futile so far but the vigil continues on Friday.


Version 3: Relatively benign skin cancer

This is a recent theory being floated by some media channels in India. I can assure you that the Indian channels would not float this theory without a nod from someone in the Congress. Sonia Maino-Gandhi is after all the uncrowned queen and the implication of random theories would be too much for a media channel.

She has benign skin cancer and will be back soon

This is the weirdest of all stories -:

  1. Why is she in Sloan-Kettering for a benign skin cancer treatment? That would be fairly easy to treat in India and at much lower costs. Her whole crew is in NYC and they are supposedly booking hotel like suites in the hospital for a skin cancer treatment!!!
  2. Why was she in ICU after a serious surgery? Benign skin cancer can be treated through localised radiation.

Version 4 – Breast Cancer

This is the newest of theories floating around. The primary source of this is someone on twitter whose ob/gyn friend works at Sloan and has heard this theory but is not sure.

This theory is completely bogus and at the same level as the skin cancer affair. The spin masters are now spreading rumors amongst the doctors of the hospital so that the lie appears credible. Fact is that only a small inner circle would be treating Sonia and they will have to be very tight-lipped. Someone is spinning rumors at the hospital to give this story a ring of credibility.


I’ll leave the reader to figure out what the truth may be. Obviously, with this clan nothing is as it seems. The theories of what may be happening have insidious to relatively benign implications for the nation.

I believe that what happened was that some hapless congressman revealed the truth about Sonia’s cervical cancer. As with most people in India he was not aware of some of the origins of this form of cancer. The news spread and all was well and good till Indians started researching the root causes of cervical cancer. Unfortunately a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and people are jumping to all sorts of conclusion. Since then the congress spin machine has it’s knickers in a twist and is bringing out as many versions as possible. As expert propagandists, they are fully aware that people will not buy the skin cancer theory and see through why the cover-up. Instead, the best they can hope for is to confuse the masses within all sorts of different versions of cancer. That way as with the rest of the facts about the Gandhi clan this fact will also get obfuscated in permutations and combinations.

I am also beginning to believe that more in happening in NYC than meets the eye. There is succession planning and wheeling-dealing that is potentially happening. This probably explains the uber secrecy behind this visit.

PS: If Sonia had come out in the open about her cervical cancer, no one would have thought anything about it. HPV is dangerously easy to pass and many women in India get it.

PPS: Latest Update (2/9/2011)

Two more theories are doing rounds. Sonia Gandhi has Glioma of the brain and/or she has pancreatic cancer. Additionally, people really don’t know where she is. There have been rumours of her being in Johns Hopkins, Howard Hughes medical center and so on and so forth. She has been due to arrive in India within 2-3 days for the last 2 weeks.