The Brown Mans Mask

Posted on June 25, 2011


140 characters on twitter are not adequate to express the facts and hypothesis around the current drama raging in India.

Rising prices of basic commodities and fuel (at a time where fuel prices worldwide are falling), scam after scam all displaying a corporate-political nexus, a completely biased and bought out media which serves as a propaganda arm to the powers that be, dubious talks with enemy neighbors (whispers of further compromising our country), rabid communal polarization deliberately architected by the current government – one could go on and on.

Since independence things have never looked so bad. The whole episode looks like “the world has gone crazy” and us aam admi are completely bemused. If we chase one thing, something else crops up.

I strongly believe that all these events are connected. Most of these events are by design and for the express purpose of extraction from India. The root cause of this is “India is no longer independent”. We have lost our independence to the same forces that ran us 60 odd years ago”. Let us explore some more -:

Where is the evidence?

The evidence is based on the resource flows from India. In the last 20 years who have been the net beneficiaries of the so-called “liberalisation”? Check the roster of MNCs operating in India in crucial and heavy money sectors of India namely “oil & gas”, minerals, commodities etc. It may also be worth it to consider the handshake between the Indian business houses and the “world elite”, the main ones being “Reliance” which transferred 30% of dirt cheap oil and gas to British Petroleum (yes the same BP – same East India Companies families own them).
Under the guise of liberalisation, the assets of the Indian people were significantly undervalued and sold to both Indian and foreign investors. Most of these Indian investors had a hand shake with or a not so obvious backing of the shadowy world elite that controls most of the MNCs the world over and also ran the East India and Dutch India Companies.

The painful rise in fuel prices is also illustrative of this transfer of funds. While Reliance and the Indian politician nexus may be the front they are probably getting only part of the benefits (material though) while their big daddy’s through the shadowy network of investments are extracting much more. The Reliance group is acting very much like the House of Sassoon’s as are other Indian houses.

Why is the public not reacting?

The first factor is the media. In addition to purchase of India’s silver, media houses were created in the 1990’s to craft public opinion and filter only that opinion that would facilitate this loot. We are seeing the results of that now when “Baba Ramdev” is demonised despite having suffered what would be considered to be an assault in any sane society. There are reasonable people who don’t seem to get the atrocity of the attack at Ramlilla, such is the protracted effect of the bought out media.

For the last 400 years we have had a concerted effort at “social re-engineering” of India – Aryan/ Dravidian, Caste, Male/Female and other binaries. However, the social re-engineering of the last 20 years facilitated by media houses in concert with the so-called secular thinkers has been most powerful in making Indians rootless. Wealth is all and the nation is just a piece of land – is the mindset of most such individuals. There is a severe cognitive dissonance because of which the threat is not being recognized.

The second factor why people don’t protest is because of communal polarization especially of the Hindu-Muslim variety. Post 1857 the elite realized that polarization would ensure their survival and that has continued to day. The constant fear mongering of the Indian Muslim community, hyping of violence against them (post Godhra) while playing down violence against Hindus, the NAC’s communal bill are all scripted with the express purpose of consolidating Muslim votes and facilitating a political set-up that will enable this extraction from India. In essence, due to the faux fear and enticement for goodies among the Muslim community, they are facilitating anti national forces that are impoverishing all.

The third factor that has had a big play in India in the last 20 years again is Christian conversions. The population of Christians in British India was barely 0.1 percent, while today it is closer to 6%. This is by design because Christian conversions are being done with a dual purpose of religious polarization and creating a base sympathetic to the western elite. Additionally, Christian conversions also weaken India through several militant movements the largest being the Maoists across the nation. It is not a coincidence that Christian conversions are being done in resource rich areas.

The very creation of Christianity was done to emasculate the Messianic Jews with the image of an ever suffering Jesus who turned the other cheek (Caesar’s Messiah,

Christianity has been used for colonization of Africa and Latin America (Read Thy will be done: The conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil). Christianity is being used for the conquest of India not just as geography but as a civilization. Indian civilization will only be acceptable to these western elite as museum pieces. Indian civilization is viewed as the biggest civilizational threat to western idea of civilization due to its heterogeneity which prevents top down control and because of its fundamental idea of the divinity of humankind. This is also one of the primary reasons why Indian territory and civilization are being compromised to our neighbors who are firmly in the grip of the world elite.

Nah! It is just our politicians. Where are the elite?

The elite have no need to reveal themselves when they have greedy “brown” sepoys doing t heir work for them in the Indian Subcontinent. If the PMs (check out who is sponsoring the Manmohan Singh scholarship in Cambridge) will sell India’s assets for a song to their masters, if the FMs will facilitate the transfers, if the Antilla guy will act as the front men why on earth do these elite need to reveal themselves? Post Ramlilla when the head of the ruling party ran off to Switzerland, was it motivated by just moving monies or was she summoned by the super heads?

In effect the colonization of India is even more complete because the brown mans mask is over the faces of the elite and they believe they are safe and insulated. They have enough on the waitress with skeletons galore and greed unmitigated to control her, the IMF man is their man and the rest of the ruling creed landscape is criminals who are motivated by the vilest kind of greed. Every institution has been penetrated with key individuals who act driven by greed, fear or ideology (this being the most powerful).

Social re-engineering has resulted in enough brainwashed Indians who believe in a distorted view of the world where the victims (Indian civilization) are the persecutors and deserve to be destroyed. Of course a few of “their” people like genocide Suzie have been added to the mix to keep them all on the straight path e.g., with the exception of a couple, bulk of the Indian civilization hating, distorted thinking people in the National Advisory Council are ideologically motivated which is the most powerful and sustainable way to maintain a worldview and meet goals and objectives – Mao might have connections with the Yale school of divinity but his people were all brainwashed to hate their civilization, Indian Maoists are being brainwashed to heap the responsibility of their grievances on Indian civilization (which in itself is a victim) etc.

So what do we do?

We need to do everything. We need many Baba Ramdevs (who must have truly rattled these people by getting to the heart of the problem and I have no doubt that the orders to discredit him or finish him have come from above the Indian heads) and a spirit of sacrifice. We need to hit them where it will hurt the most – their economic lifeline. We need to bring them out.

My humble request to all readers of this write-up is that people read up the links I have referred to and connect the dots. And please add your own dots.

(A few years ago I read the link It opened my eyes and led me to the path of reading and researching more and connecting the dots. Please read the link)