Tribute to the Intellectuals of South Asia

Posted on October 11, 2010


This is my tribute to the great intellectuals and journalists of South Asia. Well, it is not much of a poem but then I am as much a poet as you all are intellectuals :P.


We sail along to that mythical land called South Asia

Nevermind that the natives have never heard of South Asia

Hush! But it is nothing but the Indian subcontinent

But who cares what the natives think because we are the kings


We’ve sliced and diced India into South Asia

And now we will cut what remains into tiny little pieces

The little pieces we can string along

To steal resources and finally conquer for a song


Those filthy pagans who have survived

Huns, middle easterners and the great Europeans

How dare they not die and follow noble religions

Christianity, Islam and Communism


Follow Christianity & be our slaves

Just like the Latin Americans

Or Wahabis where we control the mujahideens

And, hush but communism is our own creation


Experts at creating disputed territories

Aryan Invasion, Nagaland, Punjab insurgency

Cashmeere and now Arunachal with an urgency

To make you into South Asia


China so great, with Methodist Mao

Converted a pagan nation, and how

Homogenized a people, created industrial sprawl

Brainwashed to atheists and population growth to a crawl


They took over Buddhist Tibet

Contained the dirty Indian pagans

And created a land

With the fastest growing Christian nation


These Indian pagans have to be taught a lesson

For their own good so they go to heaven

Or get civilized, either way

Let us the nobles get the resources


So let us support the Maoists

Afterall they have the Christian signs

And will give us nobles

Access to all the mines


And let us support the Jihadis in Cashmeere

To create a proxy land

To hold the routes and control the water

To contain the pagans without show of our hand


And of course India was never one nation

The great Europeans brought together

The uncivilized pagans of this South Asia

So don’t think above your station


And now that genetics has proven Aryan Invasion false

Let us talk about the dirty caste system

Let them all convert to civilized religions

(As hush! Varna holds Indics together)


And so we will persist

To create South Asia of hundred nations

To work towards removing

The last remaining indigenous civilization