The Strange Visits of the Maino-Gandhi Clan

Posted on August 8, 2010


This is just a smattering of visits that have been widely discussed. Visits when Rajiv Gandhi was PM are not included. I am certain that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Sonia & Raul’s visit to the US (2010)

This was a most bizarre visit with Sonia and Raul MIA for both, a crucial meeting with David Cameroon and the monsoon session of the Parliament. The masses knew nothing, the media kept mum till people began to ask and the congress spin machine got back into action with a “Paola Maino” needs advanced tests. Raul returned on August 2nd to silence the rumbles.  The media started spreading the supposed truth.

This nation deserves complete transparency from it’s leaders (servants of the people, right). Questions that need to be asked are; Why was the Maino-Gandhi clan silent about the reason for the visit, after all an ailing mother is nothing to be ashamed of? Who is footing the bill? Why is Paola Maino who spends all her time in Delhi not being treated in AIIMs or for that matter in Italy, the latter has top of the line hospitals? Was it really Paola Maino’s illness that prompted this hush-hush visit? Does it have to do with any of the defence deals currently being inked and the corresponding Cayman flows? Is there any relationship with the happy eruption in Kashmir?

You will see that Paola Maino has had a long association with defence dalaals. Quottrocchi anyone? Surprisingly it is not unusual that “defence deal”, “suspicious visit” and Paola Maino intersect.  There is more on her later in the list.

Below is Swamy’s tweet on the subject

@Swamy39 : She and siblings plus progeny plus Q are in London working out how the recently discovered gold bars of the Nehrus can be split.

Rauls disappearance/visit in Orissa (2008)

We all know that Orissa is a hotbed of Maoist-Missionary activity a lot of which is driven by the rich natural resources of the state. Do read “Thy will be done” to understand the relationship between such movements and mineral/resource rich regions.

We also know that the Maino-Gandhi clan has not condemned Maoist activity in the country. While direct missionary activity such as Gladys Steines and others get visible and evident support, hidden and violent missionary activity like the Maoists gets covert support through – no condemnation of such movements, support to intellectuals and journalists who are overground supporters of these movements and incapacitation of security efforts to curtail the violence. The connection of this potent combine of Maoist-Missionaries to mineral and resource regions is the magic equation.

Needless to say, several questions arise around this disappearance. Who was Raul Gandhi meeting? Why could the meeting not take place in front of all his countrypeople? Was this meeting in India’s interest? Could this meeting have to do with the mining mafia?

Priyanka Vadra’s visit to Nalini – LTTE Assassin (2008)

It is a bit strange that Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter received permission to do precisely what her great-grandfather had denied to the Mahatma’s flesh and blood, but we live in a very different age from the India of sixty years ago. I suppose both Dr Manmohan Singh and Thiru Karunanidhi thought that Priyanka Vadra could hold her own.

It is also a matter of record that the Nehru-Gandhi family made its peace with Nalini Sriharan long ago. The last surviving member of the assassination squad, Nalini Sriharan was actually sentenced to death; as I remember, a plea of clemency from Sonia Gandhi herself was instrumental in commutation of that sentence.

Will we ever know?

Sonia and Raul’s visits to China (2007, 2008)

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday wound up her visit to China, becoming the first world leader to meet the newly-elected Chinese leadership and renewing Sino-Indian friendship, which her late husband, Rajiv, had given an impetus 19 years ago.

While these were more public visits, the buzz is that a number of deals involving ores (to the detriment of India but beneficial to Swiss bank accounts) were inked. Additionally, there may have been informal dialogue related to Indian borders.

 Sonia’s visits to Russia (2005) – likely more than one

The invitation of President Vladimir Putin. Accusations were made about how she breached the protocol and how an executive plane of a big business house was used to fly her to Moscow. Objections were raised about Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, seeing her off at the airport and the External Affairs Minister, Natwar Singh, accompanying her to Russia

Sonia Gandhi’s four-day visit, organized by the Dialogue of Civilizations, a non-governmental group (What is this group?).

Sonia is in Russia as a personal guest of President Vladimir Putin.

Putin expressed satisfaction at the ongoing cooperation between India and Russia in all spheres of human activity, including defense.

Paola Maino’s visit to Anton Balasingham  (2004)

Now as with most things in India, this visit was never made public so we have to rely on blogs to provide us with information

This (these) visits to LTTE head honchos are really curious given that LTTE did away with Paola Maino’s son-in-law. You will also see Quattrocchi’s name come up again and again in the context of the LTTE. Paola Maino and arms in an interesting cross-reference you will see again and again.

Raul’s visit and trouble in US/ Logan (2001)

The story goes that Raul was apprehended at Boston’s Logan airport due to possession of $200,000 in cash which is apparently illegal. He was with his girlfriend/whatever else Juanita (whose uncle is a big drug and arms dealer, you will notice a pattern in the type of company the Maino-Gandhi clan keeps).

Brajesh Mishra came to the rescue and all was made hunky dory. Obviously, this news never made it to Indian mainstream media. One would be very interested in knowing what else Raul Gandhi had in his possession that required top level Indian Govt. intervention. One also worries that this knowledge could be used as a stick by foreign governments to control Maino-Gandhi clan.


It is impossible to connect the dots with the list above. We probably need access to 1000’s of dots more which ordinary people like us will not have access to.

What is evident is that while “Nehru was an egotistical, bumbling sepoy (much to India’s detriment), Indira Gandhi a cruel dictator and mixed bag, Rajiv Gandhi a greedy, bumbling idiot, the additional of the Maino gene to the Gandhi clan has mutated it into something truly ominous for India.

If you have additional data points please add them to the comments section.