My Response to a Christian Blogger

Posted on July 27, 2010


I recently encountered a Christian Blogger talking about “Om” and how the fundamentals of sound in Bible are superior. Readers will notice that this is the usual garbage spewed by converters. They persistently compare and incorporate elements from heathen traditions. This is one powerful way of destroying a tradition – incorporate the best elements and then demonise. Note how December 25th has been taken from pagan traditions. Amongst the Incas, December 22/23rd (as with all heathen traditions) was worship of the Sun god. This has now been absorbed in the form of “birthday of John the Baptist” (they will keep inventing birthdays).

The scripture can be twisted to justify anything. If one goes further you will find justification for “ipods”, “kindles” and “stem cells” in the new testament. Below is my response to the “soulsaver”.

What you are doing is called “inculturation”. A practice whereby Christianity has grabbed whatever it can from indigenous civilizations while cannibalizing them. It has been well articulated in the “U turn theory” by Rajiv Malhotra (
This is also evident in Latin America where the poaching from Aztec, Maya and Inca traditions was enormous prior and simultaneous to killing off the Shamans.
To take the Indic concept of sound and twist and turn it to suit Christianism is part of the same trend. It started with the inception of Christianity where the messianic’s were to be defeated using Jewish symbols and Jewish Jesus “Caesers Messiah” to Constantine where all sorts of garnishings (Egyptian origin) were added to make the new, pseudo religion appealing and so on and so forth ( Many see similar stories to Buddhism in Christianity suggesting further poaching (Krishna and Devki are more evident stories) (
All the best with the hodge podge and poaching.