Summary: Origin of East India Companies

Posted on July 23, 2010

1 is one of the best research I have read around the reality of the “East India Company”. It is something that will take a couple of hours to read and is a shocker for most people. Unfortunately, our colonial education has not taught us these truths because of which we are repeating the East India Company cycle in India all over again. I have summarized some nuggets to interest folks to read this. Please read with an open mind and click on write-up link to get sources.

  • In  1965 club of Rome (top industrial houses-real owners of EICs or MNCs) divided the world in 10 economic segments and gave unbridled authority to ruthlessly exploit Segment 9 (India belongs to this segment 9) a group of mineral (diamond, gold, uranium, life saving medicinal plants, organic food and drinking water) oil natural gas rich south east Asian nations consisting one third of population of world- under liberalization (liberalize domestic economy to globalize its owners) and privatization (privatize so that Free Trade can further control domestic economy via global owners) to a group of MNCs.
  • Cripps did not recommend independence to South Africa till 1970s as there are still diamonds and gold to extract from S. African mines. For the great job of brutal oppression in S. Africa the last white president of S. Africa Mr. Pik Botha was given a general amnesty.
  • It took 100 years to get rid of EICs but it will take less than 20 years to get the MNCs in if we are not vigilant, as this liberty we earned for the Republic of India was on the sacrifices of many millions of souls who opposed the oppression, economic exploitation, moral ethical bankruptcy of colonizers, highly racist hate based intolerance of the white British Merchants and Rulers.
  • The concept of preaching these socialist communist nations to privatize and liberalize can be defined as Privatization. Asking the governments not to control resource bases of their own countries, encourage native governments to sell government industries to private people. Then the private people in the small countries may not be that rich to buy these huge corporations which run in to billions of dollars. Then come the Liberalization.
  • MNCs, as they control what people should know (media) will immediately launch a media attack to mould public opinion on any local, national government that goes against their interests as regressive, racist, rightwing and will replace them with another government of their choice if these governments are democratic in form. Once MNCs fully take over any nation nations and leaders are as helpless as kings and princes under EICs.
  • Using Jesuit priests, who were in China since 13th Century to accelerate conversions, as their point men between Manchu Rulers of China and Mogul Empire in India, first Portuguese Jesuit priests and then British and latter Dutch merchants (under Dutch East India Company, a sister concern of British East India company) took over centuries old opium trading routs including cultivation of opium in Portuguese controlled Macao island.
  • British Empire’s system of “globalization” had devastating effects on India. The British demanded one-half of the gross products of the land, as tribute from the areas that they controlled, and imposed a tax collection system, which severely disrupted the economy. Even more deadly, the British imposed a policy of technological apartheid, banning the export of machinery, from England to India, and refusing to develop India’s rich iron and coal deposits. Taxes were imposed to deliberately suppress native manufacturing.
  • Adam Smith, a leading economist of his time who proposed first “Free Trade” concept which now is renamed as “liberalization and privatization,” was a paid official of the East India Company. 
  • Karl Marx’s role as an apologist for the British Empire’s “globalization” is explicit in his defense of the British Empire’s rape of India. Marx advanced a Mandevillian argument, that, because “capitalism” is superior to “oriental despotism”, even though the intent and actions of British colonialism were evil, British colonialism benefited India. Marx praised the Opium War for throwing China into chaos.
  • Between 1836 till 1900 as Chinese Emperor resisted this abhorring practice of doping China, Europeans fought what now known as “Opium Wars” to further civilize China and advance the human civilization. Finally all European nations including USA joined hands to finally defeat Chinese Army in the boxer war in 1900, thus legalizing opium sale to millions of Chinese, with this free trade they secured their source of revenue.
  • Another exciting product that was dealt on large scale by EICs (all) was selling slaves from all places to South America to work in sugar, tea plantations and ranches. From India they called them coolies, from china they are called pigs and from Africa proper they are called slaves. British EIC sold close to million slaves (these products are terrific as the cost production is zero and what ever the sale price is it is pure profit) till the beginning of 20th century.
  • Except India none of the former colonies are interested in this new wave of liberalization and privatization. Starting from China till Japan they still maintain that west can only share technology. Even in technology issues in many segments Japanese caught up and beat the west.  
  • China: They never allowed even CNN to broadcast its news on the grounds that it is biased towards the western perspective. No to insurance banking, media oil and natural gas exploration.
  • Indonesia: When oil was found in East Timor and A(I)ryan Jaya, Holland/Dutch negotiated for exploration rights in 1975. Indonesian government denied. For past two decades massive social funding was pumped through various NGOs in to East Timor and most of this money went in to converting locals by missionaries. Once the converted Christian population reached the critical 50% they started agitating for independent state hood, Christian Republic.
  • India– (Part of British East India Company) We are the first country colonized by EICs. But MNCs though want to do business with us never were interested till 1995. Between 1990-1995 they found some thing within India, some thing of extreme value which prompted them to move with full speed and vigor to re colonize us. As we were the naïve first and foremost colony, filled with more anglophiles (we love to speak and imitate English more than our mother and motherland) than Britain and USA combined populations posses. Many in India think that we have the largest English speaking people and that is why MNCs are coming to us to modernize India. This is a myth. For instance Japan contains more English speaking people than India. Japanese speak exceptionally excellent English. Like Europeans though Japanese speak English they do not communicate in English but in Japanese. But no MNCs are there in Japan. Any one who want to go or to do business with Japan first have to learn Japanese and must communicate in Japanese.