Summary: Power Houses of East India Companies and MNCs for last 400 years

Posted on July 23, 2010

3 is one of the best research I have read around the reality of the “East India Company”. It is something that will take a couple of hours to read and is a shocker for most people. Unfortunately, our colonial education has not taught us these truths because of which we are repeating the East India Company cycle in India all over again. I have summarized some nuggets to interest folks to read this (Part II) of the research. Please read with an open mind and click on the write-up link to get sources.

  • EIC were controlled by  a handful of families not exceeding 20, all related to each other by marriage, analogous to a huge joint family with overlapping economic and commercial interests. Today even the Indian MNCs are controlled by only few of the above houses, thus completing the cycle of economic domination as started by East India Company, in 2003.
  • Now under Privatization and Liberalization, we were told that MNCs are coming to uplift India to a first world country, and we set a goal of becoming industrialized nation by 2020. So what do MNCs want in return for this upliftment? Liberalize trade. They want to trade in only Diamonds (nobody in India knew that there are trillions of dollars worth of diamond mines in India for last 50 years but MNCs knew), Oil, Natural Gas, Minerals, Fertilizers and Chemicals, Genetically modified products, cosmetics etc.  They want the state monopoly to be broken, privatize every thing in the above fields. Abolish the Indian Monopoly Trade Restrictive Act, so that one or two MNC sponsored companies can buy all the state owned corporations.  
  • The funniest thing is even in America the champion of Liberalized Privatized Free Trade there are  an laws called Anti Trust Acts. No single individual or corporation can go to a position of controlling the entire industry so that it can abuse the monopoly power to dictate the political philosophy of USA. Under this act De Beers was not permitted to do business in USA.
  • In 1971 Burma Shell and ESSO[1]  denied to supply oil to Indian Army, Navy Air Force, because ‘we are doing an unjustified war against our neighbors’. Irritated, the then prime minister nationalized the oil industry to protect our country’s mineral wealth, indigenously develop self sufficiency (swadeshi swaraj) and reduce dependency on Foreign (Videshi) raw material. These two companies, after government of India took over them, were developed by Indians and now worth more than hundred times the original price of them in 1971. Now these two companies thus taken over and running profitable are slated for sales to the same Burma Shell and ESSO disguising as Royal Dutch Shell and EXXON both in collaboration with Reliance Industries. Meaning the original owners of these two companies waited for 32 years, and are getting 100 times more worth on their investment along with  getting their companies once nationalized back in to their hands.
  •  Royal Dutch Shell and Burma Shell are subsidiaries of Shell Corporation controlled by House of Rothschilds centered in London who also controlled the old EICs and the then Bank of England.
  • EXXON is the name given to one of the companies formed after in 1911, when the original Standard Oil Empire was broken in to smaller units. This entire empire of Standard Oil is controlled by one family the House of Rockefellers, centered in New York. Interestingly Rockefellers and Rothschilds are related to each other as they have a tradition of intermarriages within these two houses.  
  •  MNCs where ever they operated always followed the above rule. They develop a local industrial/business house as a front (India is big so we may encounter more than one such in case of India) and through which they exploit the independent nations. So for people of any nations it is the Industrial house that comes to lime light as exploiter not MNCs. (During EICs the poor zamindars were blamed for exploitation of farmers with huge taxes, where the fact was the British who exploited the farmers).
  • Controllers and operatives of East India Company and various Multinationals;  1.         Jardine Mathesons Noble Opium Knights;  2. Inchcapes-Lords of Seas.;  3.  House of Sassoons-Masters of India and China;  4. Rhodes & Openheimers –African Elite-Monopolists of Gold and Diamonds;  5. House of Rockefellers-Princes of North America  6. House of Rothschilds-Uncrowned kings of Europe 
  • The English Rothschilds still own and operate via N & M Rothschild & Co, a partnership firm.  According to English law partnership firms need not disclose their profits.  Through a series of trusts holding companies hundreds and thousands or other major corporations were held by them.  Major European banks Bank of England (now handed over to British Parliament), Barclays bank, and Standard Chartered are the ones owned by them directly or indirectly.  Shell, British Petroleum, British telecom is in their orbit.  All major news papers published in London and world wide the Times group, Daily Telegraph, and host of other tabloids in England, France are within their either direct or indirect control.  The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) which is one of their main instruments of news and views propagation is within their control.  The Time-Warner Group of motion picture production companies are within their orbit. Time Warner group-with all its affiliated periodicals-Time, Money, Fortune, Life, People and Sports Illustrated-is within their control. The mighty Holly Wood Film industry under Warner Brothers is under their control. The Cable News Network which is part of Time Warner Empire is under their control.  The main news suppliers Reuters of England and Associated Press of France are within their control.  
  • Rupert Murdoch and his meteoric rise owes to the unlimited billions of dollars of financing offered to him by Sir Openheimer and Rothschild. With this unlimited money he bought the Star TV to control the minds of Asians, started FOX news network to control the minds of Americans, and ready to buy any thing that prints broadcasts and airs any where in the world. 
  • Modern Indian Sassoons-House of Reliance: We have seen in the beginning of this section EICs gave a sort of trade monopoly to house of Sassoon during 1830-1945. If we see today the trend now is such monopoly is being granted to Reliance corporation. The collaboration of MNCs with Reliance show the same trend of EICs continuing.
  • According to Israeli economic attaché lecture in Hyderabad during his December 2003 visit, since last three years we are exporting $ 450 million dollars worth of Diamonds to Israel alone. He predicted that the diamond exports to Israel alone can reach within two years $ 1 billion dollars. Is there any relation between the discovery of diamond mineral wealth by a foreign MNCs and anti agricultural practices by all the four state governments, and subsequent destruction of agriculture in these areas for the last 8 years which is forcing farmers to sell their lands?