VAac Yoga – Yoga of Sound – Part 1: Shiva concept of VAac

Posted on July 19, 2010


Guest post. Multipart series on “VAac Yoga – Samskrita” by Ravindra Koul.  The purpose of this series is to emphasize the importance of learning and comprehending Samskrita as a means to realization.

The fundamental sounds of the Samskrita language were extracted and identified by Panini through deep meditation of Shiva. Hence these vowel sounds are called Maheshwara Sutras. That Samskrita is truly “Deva Bhasha” (divine language) need not be emphasized.

Shiva concept of VAac (Speech):

Within Bharatiya tradition speech like the ‘Existence’ has four states. These are

  • PARA (Beyond all/Transcendent) VAac (speech) (That which is beyond every other / Transcending, stage of speech). This state of speech at the undifferentiated level is completely non-dual in character. It is the also called the Shabda-Brahman. We all know it as AUM.
  • Pashyanti (That which sees) VAac (Speech):  It is the initial stir of the will to present thought/ to create thought. This stage is dominated by “Will’. Its lord is SadAaShiva. But we will not worry about that at this point.
  • Madhyamika VAac (Speech at the level of thought): This is the state of the speech at the level of thought. This state, dominated by ‘Knowledge’ is still in non-dual state however, awareness of its eventual presentation as ordinary language is also present.
  • Vaikhary VAaC: This is the state of speech when thought is expressed in the ordinary language. And is dominated by Kriya Shaktee (Action). Notice this stage is dominated by duality. At this level, that which was non-dual up-to Madhyamika, presents itself as duality. In this state the logical sequence of words presenting the un-differentiated thought is the manifestation of time through the sequencing of the words, hence letters of the speech. Here, that which was un-differentiated presents itself as differentiated and is bound by the time.


The above four states of languages are the linguistic parallel of the four states of (Existence/Reality), called Satya in Samskrita language. These are Tureya Avasthaa (the fourth), SuSupti (Deep Sleep state), Swapna Avasthaa (Dream stat) and Jaagrit Avasthaa (Waking state).

The next part of this series will address the notion of AUM.