How to Win a Badmashree

Posted on July 19, 2010



This checklist provides the conditions that will increase your probability of winning the exalted “Badmashree” in the “Gunda Republic” (so renamed since 2004).

 High Probability

  • Peaceful missionary in guise of an NGO – added benefits are quick track to sainthood
  • Peaceful artist/musician/actor belonging to the Religion of Peace
  • Peaceful artist/musician/actor who acts and performs with members of Religion of Peace and supports in ROP/ROL quests such as “portrayal of evil Swamis”, “Evil Hindooo Practices” and “Beauties of love Jihad”
  • Peaceful journalist/intellectuals that reveal “Hindutva Terror”, “Evil Hindoo Practices”, rightly praise and kiss bottoms of “Gunda Clan”
  • Miscellaneous intermediaries between “Gunda Clan”, ruling parties and geopolitical factions that help with defence deals (aka kickbacks) and rightly facilitate the sale of assets of “Gunda Republic” to benevolent MNCs aka East India Company     

Medium Probability

  • Miscellaneous Musicians/Artists who promote “Aman ka Tamasha”
  • Miscellaneous sports persons that cannot unfortunately be ignored i.e.,  people who are ranked 2nd worldwide (and do not rock the boat)
  • Miscellaneous scientists etc (some capable and other who rightly support technologies such as GMO)
  • Lower level ass kissers of the Gunda Clan, ROP and the wonderous center of the universe near Rome

 Low to no Probability

  •  Anyone with too much Heathenness
  • Friends and supporters of opposition to Gunda Clan
  • Mahatma Gandhi (Heathen supporter)
  • Vivekananda (Heathen supporter)
  • Srinivasa Ramanunjan (Ultimate heathen who did not worship one true god)
  • Etc
  • Etc
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