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Response to Subverting through Language

May 6, 2010


Below is a response to my post on “Subverting through language – part I” through private communication. The respondent does not agree with the position I have taken and articulates it beautifully For me, the Hindu Dharmic tradition – is most certainly a religion. I use “religion” in the sense of how Hellenismos is a distinct religious tradition. […]

Subverting through Language – Part 1

May 2, 2010


Summary: Increasing use of verbiage created by the colonials (both historic and present) is subverting Dharma in a bigger way than even physical violence. Even more damaging is that the assault is invisible and hence no strong counter has been structured as yet. Increasingly Bharatiyas are describing themselves within the frameworks the colonials have established for them - God(s), Prayer, Faith and worse of all religion. As more and more Bharatiyas are exposed to the current English Language and Indian Education system, the situation is exacerbated further and we lose continuously without realizing it. This will be a multipart series. As I discover more, I will put it up on the blog.