Of Lousy Schools and Labor Laws

June 22, 2017


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Dairy – Sacred Food no More

November 3, 2016


As I study the practices of the Dairy industry Globally and specifically in India, I am horrified at how much cruelty lies behind that one glass of milk. Much of this write up is from an Indian context which is supposedly one of the more compassionate places for cows globally. Do not let that fool […]

Rivers of Blood and the Animal Holocaust

September 15, 2016


Much has been made of the horrifying images of the blood flowing through the streets of Dhaka in the aftermath of Eid Al Adha- 2016 As it should these images have created a visceral impact on the world about the scale of animal slaughter in the name of God – carried on, on this holy […]

The Emperor has no Clothes – Indian Speak on Sports

August 26, 2016


Now that the euphoria of the two Olympic medals has died down people are coming to the realization that the Emperor has no clothes and we really suck as a sporting nation. As such a lot of money and doles are being thrown around to the athletes who got those 2 medals or came “4th”. […]

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Paradigm for Indic Women: Nari Shakti

April 2, 2015


Isn’t it amazing how rapid a build up we have seen around this rape meme for India and in it’s various tentacles and extensions lie all the ideas of western feminism especially as they pertain to the western idea of female sexuality. I am primarily referencing Udwins documentary which basically solidifies western hypothesis that Indian men […]

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Desi Haiku

March 31, 2015


 Mar 21 #desihaiku Unnecessary morning alarms Uninvited stoned azaan Cacophanous horns on empty streets Bloody fool across Bleating outdated songs  Mar 21 #desihaiku You tried to touch my hand By giving cups of tea I took the hand And put a Rakhee   Mar 21 #desihaiku He saw her feet Ufff Pakeezah Fell in love […]

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My Review of 50 Shades of Grey: Stale Nachos

March 17, 2015


First of all apologies to my twitter followers and the readers of this blog, I know that one typically does not write about such pop culture crap but in light of #Dimapur #Bengal #GMO #Indiasdaughter #missingkids and other depressing memes, I am changing tack temporarily.I just cannot stop thinking of what is happening and it […]

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